IPMS Nationals 2016…

I’m trying to get a few things done for Telford… a Heller 1/72nd CL-215, a Roden 1/48th AU-23, Special Hobby 1/72nd Mirage F.1B and a Bronco 1/35th piloted V-1 (Fieseler Fi-103R). I must admit, as the show gets closer I’m finding it quite hard to believe that all four will be done, time will tell.. but here are the 4 models in question.

The Roden AU-23 has been a lovely kit to put together with minimal effort, as is the Fi-103R, the Mirage was also an easy build but needed filler and a few parts sanded to fit. The CL-215, the underside has a separate part for the nose wheel and it never sat right, it took some work to put right due to the hull shape, but as it stands I’m happy with it. The CL-215, will also have a donor set of engines from a Airfix DC-3, purely for looks, as the DC-3 is going to be converted to a BT-67 with turbo props.

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