ADB An-22A UR-09307 comes to the UK!

And I was NOT going to miss it! I’d have done 1000 miles if I had too, but instead I did a 4 hour round trip despite nearly missing it due to UK motorways.

Seen landing and parked up, UR-09307 has just done a long stint from Ukraine, Prestwick, Iceland, Manchester, Gander, Cuba, Gander, Manchester and now on the 7th heading to Leipzig for further work.


Great to see this machine active in 2017.  Now I just need to finish my Amodel An-22!

Heller 1/72nd CL-215 ’47’ F-ZBBW

I’ve been building this kit on and off for some time now, but it sadly ended up in storage until recently (due to several house moves over a few years). It’s now at the painting stage using Mr.Hobby paints and eventually a superb set of Syh@rt decals.

I’ve only done the fuselage and top centre section so I can let that dry over a day then go back and do the wings. If it’s all good and I’m happy, the red, black and grey’s on then some decals & weathering!

Kitty Hawk’s OV-10 Bronco…

I’m forcing myself to start this kit as my priorities have changed, but don’t worry I’ve not neglected the Bf-109H, it’s just stalled until after the new year…. So the Bf-109H is now boxed and off the bench to make way for this, KittyHawks 1/32nd OV-10A/C Bronco.

The box-art.

The aircraft I plan on building and also converting the props from the kits 3 blades to 4 or 5. I need to make a master prop and then get it cast, along with a spinner to suit! Stunning machine isn’t it?

(Credit to the photographer – please get in touch if it’s yours and you want it taken down – I have no name for the person who took it!)



With Scale Model World @ Telford just around the corner, the next 3-4 weeks might be a bit slow, but then once the show is done, I should have regular updates. So please check back…



Plastic cut on the Bf-109H conversion!

I’ve made more of start on the fuselage work that’s needed to take this wicked conversion. It’s not a perfect fit & it’s going to need quite a bit of sanding and filing to get straight – but I’ve high hopes working with this AlleyCat resin as it’s lovely and solid!

I have done quite a bit on the cockpit, but as it’s not finished yet I decided not to post any photos as of yet, so just the one for now showing the centre wing section.