Kitty Hawk’s OV-10 Bronco…

I’m forcing myself to start this kit as my priorities have changed, but don’t worry I’ve not neglected the Bf-109H, it’s just stalled until after the new year…. So the Bf-109H is now boxed and off the bench to make way for this, KittyHawks 1/32nd OV-10A/C Bronco.

The box-art.

The aircraft I plan on building and also converting the props from the kits 3 blades to 4 or 5. I need to make a master prop and then get it cast, along with a spinner to suit! Stunning machine isn’t it?

(Credit to the photographer – please get in touch if it’s yours and you want it taken down – I have no name for the person who took it!)



With Scale Model World @ Telford just around the corner, the next 3-4 weeks might be a bit slow, but then once the show is done, I should have regular updates. So please check back…



Plastic cut on the Bf-109H conversion!

I’ve made more of start on the fuselage work that’s needed to take this wicked conversion. It’s not a perfect fit & it’s going to need quite a bit of sanding and filing to get straight – but I’ve high hopes working with this AlleyCat resin as it’s lovely and solid!

I have done quite a bit on the cockpit, but as it’s not finished yet I decided not to post any photos as of yet, so just the one for now showing the centre wing section.