Restoration Project – Airfix 1/48th EA-6B Prowler

My dad has cleared out his loft and give me *lots* of kits, some built & lots unbuilt. One that stands out to me is this Airfix 1/48th Prowler. He built it when I was a kid well over 20 years ago and since then it’s taken a bit of a beaten up in the loft as it was left on a shelf where it got knocked a few times, parts are missing, paint flaking off, faded & discoloured paint with worn decals… not to mention a tonne of dust. It’s just moved house too, so the parts that were broken off missing, are now 100% missing. Luckily for me, I have a spares 1/48th Revell Intruder that I’m hoping I can scrounge parts off.. mainly the undercarriage. A new decal sheet has been ordered, but I would like some resin wheels and vents, so they are on the ‘to buy’ list.

I’m just gathering some info for the time being and I have found some very useful walkaround links.

Cybermodeler Prowler Walkaround

Cybermodeler Prowler Walkaround #2

Primeportal Prowler Walkaround

Just some of the photos from the links above can be seen below. Very useful!


As you can see it is in need of some TLC! I just couldn’t throw it away, for that colour scheme more than anything! It’s still got the hanging string attached as I left it on for the photo so I can show how I got it, and how it’s going to look when done.

Koster 1/48th Privateer project…

A friend & IPMS Stafford Club member has very kindly gave me a project that he said he won’t finish, a conversion that I had been after for years until now. It’s based on the Monogram 1/48th B-24, using vacform front and rear fuselage sections, white metal and resin parts. I had planned to convert it to a fire bomber, but after seeing it I am going to carry on from where Bryan left off as it looks too good not to follow it on as planned.

I’ve taken some photos of it on my floor as it’s too big for my photo area (something I need to sort) to show off what I have got tonight. It needs some minor work done to it, some damage repair from storage, clear parts and a few odds and ends. I hope you like, because I do!

Thanks Bryan!


RAF Cosford Conservation Centre..

My annual visit to the RAFM Cosford Conservation Centre, this time it was the week after Scale Model World rather than before like previous years. Some lovely bits on display and good progress made on the Vickers Wellington Mk10B bomber, Handley Page Hampden and the recovered German Dornier 17Z Bomber. Also on show was a Gnat and something that the name has escaped me (answers on a postcard), the little WW1 aircraft that was tucked away, great to see…

It was quite hard getting a clear photo as there was lots of people wandering around, but I will let the photos do the talking.

Distracted by this beauty…

No modelling for me tonight, there was a rather rare IL-62MGr coming to the UK from Libya and I just had to go and see it. The airframe c/n 4546257 I’ve actually seen before, as Uzbekistan Airlines in Heathrow and PANAF at Stansted.

I’m really hoping that some day, Amodel cater for us and give us a IL-62 in 1/72nd scale, the HpH kit is lovely, but it has no side windows and the fuselage is solid, so for that reason I’d never get one. Stunning looking aircraft isn’t she.