Another paint job for the V-1!

I wasn’t particular happy with the paint job I posted yesterday, when I got home and see the kit with ‘fresh eyes’, I knew straight away it wasn’t going to be staying like it. So, now you can see the new paint job I applied, totally made up from my own imagination and I’m quite happy with it. Little bit more fettling and then I can get onto the trolley and finish it off, hopefully for this Sunday, the Bolton IPMS show.



Some progress on the RE-3 V1 trainer.

I’ve skipped the build photos, as they isn’t much to see and I’ve not added anything to the interior except the kit etch harnesses, which are a great touch. Straight into painting though with light blue underside and dark green on the upper surfaces. There is no real paint guide as such, just a profile photo on the instructions. I’ve decided to just make up my own paint scheme using the colours mentioned and make it look a bit worn, being a trainer I would imagine people would be getting in and out marking the side etc..

It’s not finished, the paint to me looks a bit ‘flat’ and needs something to bring it to life, which I will work on later. Please excuse the pink tint on the photos, taken quickly using the room lighting.




Bronco V1 nearing the finish line..

Finished the trolley tonight, I decided to only fit one of the handles though, but I may fit the second later on. I’m redoing the wing tips as there was a slight bit of seam showing and it was bugging me, so I stripped them back and applied a small amount of filler. I shall sort that tomorrow…

Other than that, all I’ve got to do is add the headrest, cockpit glazing, paint nose, and a few small decals and it’s done! A quick and very enjoyable build.

Fi-103R gets a lick of paint.

A bit more progress on the little 1/35th Fi-103R. The nose cone, tailplanes and pulse jet cowling are just pushed on for the photo, but I have painted these in Tamiya Olive Drab, the Dark Green is next to go on, followed by the pale blue. I will then add the ‘camo lines’ over the pale blue on the upper surfaces… Quite a cool little kit, it does come with a small frame to sit on but I haven’t done much on that yet!