Researching the Privateer..

I’m looking into Privateers and there is some nice info and photos out there, the first being a book I’ve come across and that I will need to source, (Click images to make larger!)

CONVAIR PB4Y-2/P4Y-2 PRIVATEER by Nicholas A. Veronico & Steve Ginter 

I’ve also found a nice walkaround courtesy of Prime Portal. Lots of close up photos of a  PB4Y-2S (59819) Privateer that is being restored at the Lone Star Flight Museum, Texas and is being converted back to it’s original condition after spending it’s later life as a fire bomber, Tanker #30 N3739G. I’ve added some photos below, so we can see the differences between fire bomber config and USN. One of the more noticeable differences is that they were modified with R-2800 radials instead of the R-1830, which was a huge power increase and a change in cowling.

I won’t be doing the upgrade as one it’ll be too much work and two, it’s not true to the aircraft I have my eyes on.

and in USN R-1830 guise.


Moving onto the aircraft I would love to replicate, is a Privateer carrying two ASM-N-2 Bat guided bombs.







I may not do mine as worn as that, but it will certainly have two of these Bats under the wings, and it looks like I’m going to have to scratch build the pair, or make one and cast another!


V2 missile at RAFM Cosford

With the new V2 hitting our shelves, I thought I would get over to Cosford to get some photos of the V2 mounted to the trailer there, sadly there isn’t a Hanomag to go with it and it’s not in a position where I can get 360° access for photos as it’s tight against the hangar doors.

Hopefully though, the photos can be of some use to someone. I’m not 100% sure on how original it is, and the V2 itself looks a bit battered but I’m putting that down to the age as I can’t imagine they would look like that new. Some useful parts shown in the photos, as the surface on the kit is smoothed with flush rivets, but you can clearly see sections with raised rivets, whether you would want to replicate this though is another question.
























Another paint job for the V-1!

I wasn’t particular happy with the paint job I posted yesterday, when I got home and see the kit with ‘fresh eyes’, I knew straight away it wasn’t going to be staying like it. So, now you can see the new paint job I applied, totally made up from my own imagination and I’m quite happy with it. Little bit more fettling and then I can get onto the trolley and finish it off, hopefully for this Sunday, the Bolton IPMS show.



Some progress on the RE-3 V1 trainer.

I’ve skipped the build photos, as they isn’t much to see and I’ve not added anything to the interior except the kit etch harnesses, which are a great touch. Straight into painting though with light blue underside and dark green on the upper surfaces. There is no real paint guide as such, just a profile photo on the instructions. I’ve decided to just make up my own paint scheme using the colours mentioned and make it look a bit worn, being a trainer I would imagine people would be getting in and out marking the side etc..

It’s not finished, the paint to me looks a bit ‘flat’ and needs something to bring it to life, which I will work on later. Please excuse the pink tint on the photos, taken quickly using the room lighting.




Bronco V1 nearing the finish line..

Finished the trolley tonight, I decided to only fit one of the handles though, but I may fit the second later on. I’m redoing the wing tips as there was a slight bit of seam showing and it was bugging me, so I stripped them back and applied a small amount of filler. I shall sort that tomorrow…

Other than that, all I’ve got to do is add the headrest, cockpit glazing, paint nose, and a few small decals and it’s done! A quick and very enjoyable build.