[Work In Progress] Resin 1/24th scale Blackburn Buccaneer

I bought this Buccaneer going on 3 years now, and have since looked at it quite a bit.. it’s an absolute beast of a model. Cast in resin with a large brass etch sheet and large vacformed clear parts… it’s going to be a challenge. The clean up is going to take some time, some parts are warped with heavy flash in areas but luckily next to no air bubbles.

As you can see from the photos, the nose section can be seen in two states, how I got it and cleaned up. I’ve also added photos of the very basic cockpit area, this area will be totally transformed scratch building all the details, IP, seats, floor etc!

Some photos of my progress up until now, there will be more in the coming weeks, so please check back!

Many thanks

Scale Drawings!

I have been looking for a new project, a scratch building project. Since my Savage project went into the bin due to a lack of interest, I have set my self a new goal for something I love and something a little bit easier. While looking for a set of plans I found this great website, where you can download hundreds of scale drawings! I can’t claim how ‘accurate’ they are, but they look good to me. Couple a set up with some photos and there is no reason why someone couldn’t get what they want out of a model kit that has certain issues, or like myself, wanting to build something from scratch. A Little more on my project later, but for now, here is the link and a few drawings I’ve taken from there!

www.airwar.ru – This link takes you direct to the drawings.

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