Heller 1/72nd CL-215 ’47’ F-ZBBW

I’ve been building this kit on and off for some time now, but it sadly ended up in storage until recently (due to several house moves over a few years). It’s now at the painting stage using Mr.Hobby paints and eventually a superb set of Syh@rt decals.

I’ve only done the fuselage and top centre section so I can let that dry over a day then go back and do the wings. If it’s all good and I’m happy, the red, black and grey’s on then some decals & weathering!

Plastic cut on the Bf-109H conversion!

I’ve made more of start on the fuselage work that’s needed to take this wicked conversion. It’s not a perfect fit & it’s going to need quite a bit of sanding and filing to get straight – but I’ve high hopes working with this AlleyCat resin as it’s lovely and solid!

I have done quite a bit on the cockpit, but as it’s not finished yet I decided not to post any photos as of yet, so just the one for now showing the centre wing section.


Koster 1/48th Privateer project…

A friend & IPMS Stafford Club member has very kindly gave me a project that he said he won’t finish, a conversion that I had been after for years until now. It’s based on the Monogram 1/48th B-24, using vacform front and rear fuselage sections, white metal and resin parts. I had planned to convert it to a fire bomber, but after seeing it I am going to carry on from where Bryan left off as it looks too good not to follow it on as planned.

I’ve taken some photos of it on my floor as it’s too big for my photo area (something I need to sort) to show off what I have got tonight. It needs some minor work done to it, some damage repair from storage, clear parts and a few odds and ends. I hope you like, because I do!

Thanks Bryan!


Scale Drawings!

I have been looking for a new project, a scratch building project. Since my Savage project went into the bin due to a lack of interest, I have set my self a new goal for something I love and something a little bit easier. While looking for a set of plans I found this great website, where you can download hundreds of scale drawings! I can’t claim how ‘accurate’ they are, but they look good to me. Couple a set up with some photos and there is no reason why someone couldn’t get what they want out of a model kit that has certain issues, or like myself, wanting to build something from scratch. A Little more on my project later, but for now, here is the link and a few drawings I’ve taken from there!

www.airwar.ru – This link takes you direct to the drawings.

be_10 he111-pg29


IPMS Nationals 2016…

I’m trying to get a few things done for Telford… a Heller 1/72nd CL-215, a Roden 1/48th AU-23, Special Hobby 1/72nd Mirage F.1B and a Bronco 1/35th piloted V-1 (Fieseler Fi-103R). I must admit, as the show gets closer I’m finding it quite hard to believe that all four will be done, time will tell.. but here are the 4 models in question.

The Roden AU-23 has been a lovely kit to put together with minimal effort, as is the Fi-103R, the Mirage was also an easy build but needed filler and a few parts sanded to fit. The CL-215, the underside has a separate part for the nose wheel and it never sat right, it took some work to put right due to the hull shape, but as it stands I’m happy with it. The CL-215, will also have a donor set of engines from a Airfix DC-3, purely for looks, as the DC-3 is going to be converted to a BT-67 with turbo props.