“The Stash”


You may know the name from RB Model Werx where I host all my show photos, Aviation photos and the odd museum trip. Well, In late 2016 I decided to pull the plug on the RB Model Werx name and just use my real name instead. So from October 2016, I started the massive job of changing everything over and I suspect it’ll take me some time to complete but I will let you all know when it’s done. You can still view RB Model Werx, I won’t take off anything off there until it’s all been fully moved over.

There are and will be a few differences, the main one being that the blog now has it’s own page (at the top in the menu..) and I have a static front page that will get updated from time to time with various information! I’d like to thank everyone who has viewed, liked and commented on RB Model Werx.